Testimonials by Our Clients

The work was thorough, professional and comprehensive. Represented me with professionalism and determination, reaching the best possible outcome.  Would highly recommend his services. R.H.
The communication was clear, concise and easy to understand.  I appreciated the way things were presented to me; i.e. in simple language with examples.  My case was exceptionally difficult because it involved assets in both Canada and Iran.  Despite that, everything was handled to my full satisfaction.  P.P.

Very satisfied .Very Professional, The office staff was totally organized, if a document was needed there was no time wasted looking for it, my waiting time in the office was minimal and I was always given something to do, review documents mostly, while I waited. When I first retained your services several things needed to be addressed immediately, you went into action and dealt with it very effectively relieving me of much anxiety. The preparation and handling of trials was amazing, resulting in most decisions in my favour. After our initial meeting I was confident you firm would get the job done. I was in a very difficult emotional and financial place prior to meeting you, your confidence gave me confidence. To be quite honest, you saved me from what could have been a major disaster, I am very fortunate and extremely thankful having met you. M.B.
Mr. Zigler is sincere and straightforward about what one can expect from a case and this was reflected time and time again by his prompt attention and responsiveness to the case-related matters. Mr. Zigler has expert knowledge and was able to help me achieve the best possible outcome for my case. Nicole in the office was absolute pleasure to work with; she was on top of everything it took to coordinate the process. The whole process made me happy, I felt that I was listened to and heard. Though this process, any questions or concerns that I had were answered or looked into. Knowing that I had a supportive team made things a lot easier. Mr. Zigler is extremely knowledgeable and competent.   I.S.
Very Satisfied. Ryan was very good at listening to our circumstances, giving us his opinion and recommending a legal strategy and course of action which was very clear.  When it came to negotiation and final settlement, Ryan was very good at dealing with the opposing side and ensured our interests were ultimately served.We ultimately won our case by settling out of court.  This can be attributed to Ryan building a sound strategy to advance our case forward, his attention to detail in sourcing necessary information, his assertive stance with the opposing side and making it clear what we needed to do to prepare.I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan to others .Ryan is very open, focused and doesn’t waste anyone’s time.  Legal issues can be very stressful and distracting.  During the ups and downs of our case, we always found solace and support in Ryan’s counsel and forward direction. R.C.
Very satisfied. Quick and not expensive. Office personnel are pleasant and helpful. They will get the job done. J. H.
I am extremely satisfied from the work you did for me …… availability, clear advice, timeliness and prompt completion of work I definitely will recommend to others. In the past I did so and because of your professional work they were extremely satisfied and happy, and they thanked simultaneously to you and me too. Proudly I can say to you that you are doing tremendous work.To the person who are considering hiring your firm I can say that Mr. Zigler will not leave any stone un-turn to satisfy you from his superior work knowledge and ability to settle your case. L.S.
Easy to talk to and totally honest. Everything explained upfront. Great quality and very fair. G.R.
Quite happy with the result. If I needed help again, I would not hesitate to call. Right from the beginning, I was told how long the case would take. Correct within a month. During the case, everything was explained so I could understand. Would recommend without hesitation. J.B.
Exceeded expectations.. Everything was explained in easy to understand to language. The quality of the work was above my expectation. The outcome was also above the result that I expected. Would recommend 100%. I would tell them to use this law firm because of the way Ryan takes to explain things and what he thinks the next steps should be. He also continuously keeps the client in the loop as the case progresses. Ryan and Nicole are very easy to work with and knowledgeable. S. S.
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